Rebecca Hoyes is an established surface pattern designer and colourist specialising in textiles. With over twenty years in the industry, she describes herself as a 'design and trend explorer'. Rebecca's signature modern aesthetics reflect her curiosity about materials and processes which is explored by merging traditional and contemporary craft techniques.

Based in her London studio, Rebecca applies her broad knowledge of industrial craft production to a wide range of textile projects. Rebecca's design practice takes her all over the world, collaborating with artisans, designers and retailers to create collections highlighting the tactility of materials and the latest in craft innovation.

Rebecca is driven by the story behind each technique employed in her work. Rather than having a narrow focus on the final outcome, each project is a real journey with the collaborative exploration of process at its heart. Research and experimentation create a vast library of ideas and with Rebecca’s passion for discovering what’s next in textile design driving her to celebrate 'happy accidents' and to develop cutting-edge designs. 

Collaborating with others outside her own discipline is a great source of inspiration. Believing that collaboration opens the door to 'material alchemy', Rebecca takes a hands-on approach and is involved in the entire creative journey of a project.

Questioning how traditional methods can have more relevance to current aesthetics leads Rebecca to push the boundaries of conventional practice, mixing the high and low-tech to write the next chapter for material craft. Key to her approach is the interrogation and reinvention of traditional techniques whilst retaining their sense of culture and place and giving them a relevance to contemporary design. This ideology has taken her on many creative explorations through India, Africa to Italy.  Collaborations have included looking at traditional crafts such as silk weaving, embroidery, glass blowing and warp printing, and investigating how they might be applied in new design contexts.

Alongside her collaborative practice, Rebecca is a member of the design collective First Eleven Studio and an Associate Lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.




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